Yankton County Transportation Plan

Yankton County, South Dakota

Development of the Gavins Point Dam and the recreational facilities that have grown in the area provide unique opportunities and issues for Yankton County. Agriculture is a primary industry in Yankton County, but the seasonal influx of people to the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area, private campgrounds adjacent to Lewis and Clark Lake, and seasonal commercial operations add a unique dimension.

Yankton County and the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) selected SRF to prepare a multimodal transportation plan that addresses the current and future needs of the county areas outside the City of Yankton.

The positive economic climate in the agriculture and recreation sectors is driving population and employment growth and development in areas presently outside Yankton. There is an emphasis on multimodal travel demand connecting people to recreational areas and simply connecting rural residential areas to one another and to Yankton.

SRF was responsible for the following:

  • Establishing and carrying out an active public engagement process.
  • Defining current and emerging transportation issues with residents/business owner and County staff.
  • Preparing future traffic forecasts that take into account development plans for all areas of the County.
  • Establishing road design and access guidelines for the county road system.
  • Identifying multimodal alternatives that support growth and maintenance of the current system and evaluating alternatives using a set of performance measures.
  • Preparing a financial plan for multimodal transportation facilities.
  • Preparing a multimodal transportation plan that supports the travel needs and desires of pedestrians, bicyclists, auto drivers, seasonal and tourist traffic, and movement of freight/commodities within and through the County.

Yankton County
South Dakota Department of Transportation