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Transit Planning, Design, and Implementation

Transit infrastructure is the fabric that weaves communities together, providing opportunity, connection, and reliable transportation for all.

At SRF, we believe transit promotes equitable access to employment, education, healthcare, retail, and entertainment, improving the economy and livability of our cities and communities while supporting a multi-modal system of transportation. Transit is a critical component of our public infrastructure system to advance dynamic and vibrant communities.

As cities and transit agencies reimagine and improve their public transportation, SRF is committed to people-focused planning, design, and operation of transit systems through a collaborative and inclusive approach. We partner with our clients to maximize opportunities in funding, planning, and design of their transit systems. Recognized as a leader in transit system implementation, SRF’s transit group has an unwavering commitment to developing the right transit solutions customized to their client’s vision.

SRF’s transit team has worked in LRT, BRT, commuter, fixed-route bus, and paratransit environments and provides expertise in planning new systems as well as refining current ones. We pride ourselves in being responsive and for developing productive and scalable solutions. Our staff has an excellent reputation for building consensus through proven stakeholder participation processes, backed by our technical expertise. 

Connect The Funds To Accelerate Your Transit System Improvements

SRF’s transit team is committed to working with project sponsors and FTA to advance transit projects and increase sustainable transportation in the US.  

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Equitable and inclusive community engagement is critical to transit projects – SRF’s dedicated engagement team works our clients to develop plans to reach people where they live, work, and play.

Transit Planning, Design, and Implementation

SRF has exceptional experience implementing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) projects nationally. Our work on major transit corridors across the country provide a thorough understanding of the best practices in BRT design and operations and equip our team to fit BRT systems into communities and build quality facilities that are operationally efficient. Our BRT expertise spans the full life cycle of transit projects, from planning to FTA funding, preliminary design, final design, construction, and operations.

Transit Infrastructure Projects