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2050 Comprehensive Plan Update

SRF is currently working with the City of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin to update their Comprehensive Plan. Oconomowoc 2050 is intended to update the City’s guiding document to respond to community engagement.

The public drove the updates to the Comprehensive Plan through a varied engagement process. Over 1,250 Oconomowoc residents provided input into the planning process through pop-up events, online surveys and open houses. Targeted efforts were used to engage a diverse group of participants. For example, a targeted survey was sent to high school juniors, which resulted in input from 400 students.

The input received throughout the process was used to drive the key themes and focus areas of the Comprehensive Plan update. SRF worked with the Steering Committee to identify focus areas related to housing, economic development, land use, transportation, community facilities and utilities, intergovernmental cooperation, and agricultural, historic and cultural resources. These themes guided the analysis completed to inform the plan’s recommendations.

City of Oconomowoc
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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