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The City of Eden Prairie and Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District partnered to retain SRF Consulting Group to explore City-owned fire stations that could serve as locations for incorporation of a water reuse system and alternative landscaping demonstration areas, with the intent to offset potable water use, reduce runoff, improve water quality, and educate residents and business owners about water reuse and turf grass alternatives. SRF identified Eden Prairie’s Fire Station #2 and completed preliminary and final design of the reuse and landscape demonstration project.

The reuse system harvests rainwater from the rooftop into two cistern systems that replaces potable water for irrigation and routes water inside for washing equipment. A new trailside rest area and an educational sign were added to highlight the new features of the Fire Station grounds. The demonstration area also includes educational signage about the benefits of home rain barrels to the community. The site also includes a landscaping demonstration area along the trail. The lawn area was divided into sections to show various types of alternative and ecological lawn types. This included a tall native prairie mix, a short native prairie mix, a formal native garden, and a low-mow/no-mow fescue section.

SRF conducted analysis and developed the final design of the water reuse systems and the native vegetation plans. SRF also worked with the project stakeholders to develop the external and internal educational signage and displays that provide numerous public and professional demonstration opportunities.


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