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Traffic & Technology

Addressing the safety and mobility needs of today while building towards a sustainable and connected future, SRF’s team of transportation professionals, traffic engineers, and data scientists bring 60 years of experience in traffic and technology.  

Our mission is to ensure users are served safely and efficiently. Using the techniques of today with the technology of the future, SRF features start-to-finish services including research, planning, design, implementation, integration, and evaluation. Each project is unique and no one solution fits all challenges.

We believe in making collaborative decisions that are built on a strong technical foundation – aided by data-driven analyses – that incorporate emerging technologies. This helps us solve the challenges of today while planning for the ever-evolving future.

SRF’s Traffic and Technology group helps clients achieve sustainability and resilience goals through an integrated, data driven approach that puts people first. Our work improves traffic safety, reduces air pollution and provides multimodal access to destinations.

Traffic and Technology Engineering

SRF Connected Vehicles


SRF’s Intelligent Transportation Systems/Connected Autonomous Vehicles team has a uniquely broad range of skills. From project planning and systems engineering to physical design, construction management, and inspection, SRF can deliver ITS/CAV projects of any scale.

Beyond design and construction, our staff are skilled practitioners in communications, software engineering and standards development. SRF not only designs complex systems – we can make them work.

Transportation Safety

SRF is a passionate leader in helping state and local agencies identify roadway safety solutions. We focus on all roadway users and use a data-driven systemic approach to identify effective safety countermeasures with one goal in mind: sparing families from the devastation of a life-changing crash.

We are recognized for our knowledge of ITS solutions, our innovative and inspired approach to projects across the transportation spectrum and our focus on and commitment to public safety.

Minneapolis I-94 I-394 Photo

Transportation Policy & Studies

We study all elements of transportation, from statewide policy analysis down to site development reviews. We work with our clients to scope the most advantageous steps from data collection, to analysis, to results and recommendations.

Our technical specialists offer the latest in industry advancements, which we strive to make accessible to all audiences and build support for solutions.

Multi-Modal Transportation Modeling

Our traffic engineers are industry leaders in the latest traffic operations, simulation, assignment and travel demand models, and other tools, including Dynamic Traffic Assignment and travel time reliability.

These tools are used to evaluate multimodal transportation networks and investigate network alternative impacts. We draw on our unmatched understanding of traffic operations that contribute to traffic flow issues.

Traffic Design & Operations

The final steps in the process for transportation infrastructure are design, construction and operation. SRF’s traffic design and operations experts bring these goals to reality for clients.

Our designers, construction experts, and operations staff work closely to deliver solutions that meet stakeholder needs and maximize your return on transportation infrastructure investment.

Our services include traffic signal design and timing, signing and pavement marking design, work zone traffic control and detour plans, and Intersection Control Evaluations.

SRF data sciences

Data Sciences

SRF’s Data Sciences practice combines GIS and pure analytics to strengthen connections between SRF services. 

From data engineering and automation to dashboards and visualization, our data scientist provide innovative solutions.