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Internships and Co-ops

We value the talent and fresh perspective offered by students – that’s why we offer internships and co-ops positions within our organization. Many of our interns and co-op workers are hired by SRF after they graduate!

What’s the Difference Between an Internship and a Co-op?

Our internship opportunities occur over the course of a summer, while co-ops are typically six months in length and involve working full-time over a school semester. Students can work with their schools to see if they can earn class credit for their co-op experience. Both internships and co-ops offer excellent hands-on experience that provide students with a competitive edge for their careers. Because co-op students are with us longer, they gain a larger breadth and depth of experience.

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Internship and Co-ops with SRF: What’s in it for Student Workers?

  • Career exploration
  • Opportunity to develop valuable career skills
  • Ability to gain practical degree-related experience
  • Strengthened resume
  • Increased professional network
  • Mentorship guidance
  • Professional references
  • Competitive pay

Prior to obtaining a full time position at SRF, my internship provided me the opportunity to know more about this great company, including the history, culture, and values. I received immense support from my mentor, supervisor, and other co-workers, which motivated and convinced me to pursue a professional journey with SRF.

Beyan – Technician

My landscape architecture internship at SRF gave me valuable insight into the design process in a professional setting.  I was able to gain experience with a wide variety of project types ranging from park and trail master planning to transit station construction document drawing. The team at SRF were eager to engage me and truly valued developing my skills as a professional. Ultimately, my internship led to a full time position at SRF where I continue to learn and grow from leading professionals in my field.

Jonathan – Landscape Architect

Becoming an intern at SRF was a great kickoff to my career. It helped me gain the experience I needed to succeed and made me feel like I was an important part of the team. SRF offered great flexibility with my school schedule, and helped me get involved with other great organizations within the company and the community. After I graduated, they hired me full time and I continue to enjoy the new challenges and experiences here at SRF.

Heidi – CADD Technician