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SRF’s roadway engineering and design teams have the experience to take a project from conceptual development through preliminary design and into final design and construction. We provide a full range of design skills from municipal streets to highways and interchanges, specializing in state aid and federal aid projects.

SRF truly collaborates with our clients – acting as an extension of their staff – to plan, fund, and design a wide range of roadway and utility projects. Much of our work includes improvements to residential streets, collector and arterial roadways, and freeways as well as sanitary sewers, water mains and storm sewer systems.

Additionally, we understand the importance of early coordination with private utility owners, railroads, watershed districts, and other agencies and of meaningful stakeholder and public engagement.

SRF embraces an innovative model-based design approach for project development. This approach enables multiple project stakeholders and disciplines to collaboratively develop, compare, and finalize alternative selection quickly and efficiently within a common 3D model environment.

During conceptual and preliminary design, we apply our broad experience with advanced technological tools (provided by Bentley and Autodesk) to facilitate decision-making and build consensus at public open houses, expediting project delivery.  SRF has successfully demonstrated our ability to apply our knowledge, experience, and tools effectively to deliver projects with the minimum time and expense. 

Because the traveling public and adjacent property owners are often those most affected by a roadway improvement project, SRF works closely with our clients to identify constructability issues and develop usable construction sequence plans.

We recognize the importance of minimizing inconvenience and maintaining access – for business, resident, deliveries, and pedestrians – during construction. Providing outstanding service and strong technical solutions are our highest priorities. By working in partnership with our clients, we develop cost-effective, implementable solutions.

Roadway Engineering and Roadway Design Projects


SRF has supported more than 200 municipalities with planning, design, engineering, and construction administration services.

From residential streets in growing communities to major urban downtown corridors, we design multi-modal facilities that support the needs of our clients and their users.


Highway engineering is one of SRF’s core disciplines, and we have designed some of the largest and most complex highway projects in the Midwest.

Our expertise ranges from two-lane rural to complex urban to river crossings and interchanges. Much of our history includes complex, high-profile, complicated designs that benefit communities and the traveling public.


SRF has developed more than 200 interchanges for state Departments of Transportation and local agencies on state facilities. We place a premium on traffic operations, proper geometrics, and aesthetics to promote long-term viability.

SRF has designed standard and folded diamonds, single-point, diverging-diamonds, and multi-level interchanges.


SRF has staffed some of the Midwest’s most complex and aggressive design-build projects.

We have worked on behalf of the owner to develop procurement documents and to oversee design-build teams and served as the lead designer for contractor teams.


SRF has led more than 150 roundabout projects. Our services have ranged from developing and evaluating concepts to completing preliminary and final engineering.

SRF also uses 3-D visualization and simulation to demonstrate how proposed roundabouts will look and operate.

Using RODEL, VISSIM, and other modeling applications, SRF evaluates single- and multi-lane roundabout concepts to determine if they are the best solution for an intersection.


SRF is a regional leader in performing ADA compliance checks and accessibility assessments for a variety of public space infrastructure.

Our experts work with owners and facility managers to understand specific ADA requirements to ensure compliance with this program. We offer services that help identify problem areas and recommend cost-effective solutions for implementation.