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Bruce Vento Trail

SRF provided Design Development documents for the integration of a regional trail extension within an urban corridor of varied road types utilizing the preferred trail route from Whitaker Street to County Road J. The intent is to remove significant barriers for northern communities in Ramsey County in addition to completing a major gap in the National US Bike Route 41 (USBR 41).

The documents provide the following:

  • Basis for final design and construction documents and future grant requests.
  • Summarize the facilitation of public involvement with meaningful engagement to obtain feedback representative of the population.
  • To provide a regional trail facility, amenities, and site components that complement the natural resource base and incorporate sustainability and green infrastructure for longā€term resiliency.

The planned Bruce Vento Regional Trail is 13 miles in length and extends from the east side of downtown Saint Paul northwestward to the northern County line in White Bear Township. The phase 2 work plans to extend the regional trail from Buerkle Road in White Bear Lake to County Road J in White Bear Township.

The following digital media was created by the SRF team as a communication tool during the design development process:

Ramsey County
Saint Paul to White Bear Township, Minnesota
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