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Real Estate, Project Delivery & Construction

SRF works with our clients to understand the unique needs of their projects, with a focus on quality, schedule, and budget.

Our real estate, project controls, and construction experts have experience in large-scale design-build delivery and CMGCs, complex infrastructure and transportation projects, transit, vertical construction, and utility projects. Our team right-sizes efforts to support the needs of project owners.

Drawing on our diverse backgrounds, we have the ability to tackle almost any project – our expertise includes new roads, road reconstruction, utilities, drainage, bridges, heavy civil, interchanges, accelerated bridge construction, light rail, street car, commuter and heavy rail, bus rapid transit, paving, communications, traffic control, erosion site management, and electrical.

Real Estate

SRF’s Real Estate Group includes experienced, committed professionals who approach every project in a cooperative manner.

SRF offers stand-alone, comprehensive real estate services, including appraisals, right of way acquisition, residential and commercial relocation, and assistance with the eminent domain process.

Our clients include states, counties, cities and utility companies. SRF’s reputation for carefully listening to property owner concerns ensures the highest possibility of a successful project outcome.

Project Controls

Cost, schedule, and budget are key elements of delivering a project, large or small. These elements can be effectively managed through cost estimating and schedule management.

SRF uses project control systems to provide stakeholders with reliable, accurate information that can be used to make decisions necessary to successfully deliver infrastructure projects. We develop contractor-style cost estimates and schedules and consult with clients on risk management.

They draw on their backgrounds as contractors to provide informed reviews of staging and constructability, working in collaboration with design teams.

Construction Administration

SRF has substantial experience in providing construction services for municipal streets and utilities, state and county highways, freeways, bridges, parks, trails, and related facilities.

Our Construction and Survey Services Group is responsible for the contract administration, construction observation, materials compliance, construction staking and quality management of projects that are funded at the local, state, and federal levels.


SRF has staffed some of the Midwest’s most complex and aggressive design-build projects.

We’ve worked on behalf of the owner to develop procurement documents and to oversee design-build teams and served as the lead designer and quality manager on contractor teams.


SRF’s registered land surveyors and experienced survey crew chiefs provide construction staking, legal surveys, topographic surveys, and right of way and boundary surveys.