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Resilience & Sustainability

Resilience is the capacity of an individual, group, community, or system to prepare for change and disruption, recover from stresses and pressures, and adapt and grow from the experience. SRF embraces resilience as an integral element of the services we offer. We help our clients develop environmentally and economically responsible, context sensitive projects and systems within their organizations. SRF embeds resilience within our corporate culture by giving back to our communities, protecting the environment through best practices, and advocating for positive change.


Creating and Designing Solutions For People, Land, and Water.

SRF’s Integrated Ecology Team (EcoTeam) believes that utilizing ecological principles and processes in project planning and design will achieve healthy ecosystems and resilient communities.

The EcoTeam offers a comprehensive, ecosystem-based approach to managing a community’s water and natural resources, with a focus on resiliency. The EcoTeam promotes restoration and resource protection, working with partners to plan and design sustainable solutions to complex resource issues.

SRF’s EcoTeam considers the many interests and issues related to water resource management, natural resources, parks, wetlands, urban green space, and community stakeholder engagement to provide a comprehensive approach to ecosystem restoration, protection efforts, resiliency planning, and design. This integrated approach will help clients address challenges within resource management and incorporate resiliency into programs and projects.

The resilience and sustainability services provided by SRF are delivered through a collaborative approach with the following service groups.