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Parks, Trails, & Recreation

We are driven to meaningfully contribute to an evolving world and to cultivate connections within the communities we serve.

Our client-focused design approach infuses creativity, collaboration, and discovery in an inclusive process. By exploring the unique design opportunities where nature and culture overlap, we create resilient, beautiful, and memorable places that meet the needs of the future.

SRF’s award-winning Landscape Architecture and Urban Design Studio has the diverse skills and depth of knowledge to provide clients with carefully crafted planning and design responses across a wide spectrum of project types.

Whether it is developing the strong vision to guide a master plan effort, or providing a thoughtful response to the intricacies of site design, SRF’s landscape architects provide creative sustainability and innovation by collaborating with clients and allied professionals to create valued community amenities.

By skillfully blending planning, technical, artistic, and environmental aspects of the profession, SRF excels at delivering clients the broad range of expertise that is demanded of projects large and small and working with our clients to secure funding.


More than 125 park planning, design, and construction projects completed.


Planned and designed over 1,250 miles of trails across the region.


20 Federal Aid trail projects resulting in $750 million in secured project funding,

Parks, Trails, and Recreational Facility Design Projects


We create engaging and diverse park environments that serve the unique needs of each community. The parks, open spaces and trails we design feature creative and functional design aspects, sustainable environmental solutions, and thoughtful aesthetic treatments.

We emphasize innovative solutions that are technically sound as well as feasible to implement, operate, and maintain. From developing high-level design concepts to selecting the materials to fulfill the final details, we are committed to developing extraordinary public recreation facilities.


As a leader in providing multi-modal planning and design services to a wide range of clients, SRF is dedicated to developing trail, greenway, and urban multi-modal systems that encourage physical activity through safe bicycling and pedestrian movement.

Our landscape architects recognize that a captivating walking or riding experience can create community identity and enhance livability. Whether it is a local pedestrian master plan or regional trail design, community engagement and support is critical to the long-term success of multi-modal projects.

Recreational Facilities

Recreation facilities knit communities together, providing spaces for youth and adults to come together. SRF has specialized experience designing recreational facilities, including athletic fields, campground facilities, nature and interpretive play areas, splash pads, and multi-use parks.

We are committed to designing facilities that integrate the latest trends in amenities, conveniences, and function in order to meet both the needs of user groups and operations and maintenance staff.

U of M Church Street


Across the country, local and state agencies are striving to provide safe, practical access to streets for all: vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, freight, and transit. Many terms define this trend: Context Sensitive Design, Livable Communities, Complete Streets, and Community Based Street Design.

SRF has used these concepts to develop multimodal networks for many years. Our approach emphasizes connectivity within the transportation system. Through careful consideration of the project’s context, the user’s point of view, and the relationship to the existing and future system, SRF develops solutions that work for your community.