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SRF worked with the City of Edina to develop a comprehensive park master plan for Braemar Park, a 500-acre land resource that supports a wide range of recreational programming and user groups. Initiatives focused on improving the access and connectivity of trail systems throughout the park and developing separated use trail systems to serve the needs of walkers, mountain bikers, and cross country skiers.

Recommendations included reconfiguring roadway access entries and parking areas, and proposing new site amenities to enhance existing recreation facilities. A planning approach was also developed for improving the quality of natural resource areas within the park and golf course, and integrating sustainable improvements to promote public awareness for being good stewards of the parks land and water resources.

“My experience with SRF was exceptional. SRF completed a master plan for Braemar Park, the largest park in our park system. The SRF team managed a significant and complicated process with several public meetings, many stakeholders, staff, Parks & Recreation Commission and City Council. The engagement process was thoughtful and thorough, which resulted in a final master plan that received support from the residents, staff, Commissioners and City Council.” – Ann Kattreh, Parks & Recreation Director

City of Edina
Edina, Minnesota
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