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Allianz Field Stormwater Planning

The Capitol Region Watershed District (CRWD) and the City of Saint Paul retained SRF to lead the process of investigating the feasibility of implementing shared, stacked-function, green infrastructure (SSGI) to support redevelopment of the Snelling-Midway site. Located at the busy intersection of Snelling Avenue and University Avenue, the site now hosts a Major League Soccer stadium, residential, hotel, office, and commercial uses. SRF worked closely with CRWD and the City to facilitate an interactive stormwater workshop for site stakeholders that:

  • Investigated the opportunities afforded if a stormwater management approach is developed that services the entire redevelopment site rather than on a parcel-by-parcel basis.
  • Inspired creative and innovative thinking about stormwater management for the site.
  • Informed the site redevelopment process.

The workshop was structured to introduce the concept of SSGI to stakeholders, engage the stakeholders in a conversation about their goals and desires for the site as it related to stormwater management, and actively brainstorm SSGI concepts with the stakeholders. Subsequently, SRF refined SSGI concepts generated during the workshop and performed a high-level analysis to determine whether the concepts could achieve stormwater treatment regulations and to estimate potential runoff volumes available for reuse. The concepts developed by SRF were integrated into the overall stormwater management system design for Allianz Field.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota
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