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Battle Creek Regional Park Master Plan

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Department initiated a Master Planning project for Battle Creek Regional Park to plan for the next 30 years of park improvements for both capital improvements and programming in the park, balancing the needs of a variety of regional users.

SRF worked with Ramsey County to lead all community engagement and design engagement efforts to gather vision and ideas from the general public and stakeholder groups. Engagement was developed with a keen eye on equity – ensuring that primary effort was placed on gathering feedback and guidance from communities traditional underrepresented and excluded from decision making processes. The engagement process formed the foundational vision of the plan, guiding infrastructure priorities, design considerations, and programmatic recommendations.

To realize meaningful, equitable engagement, the SRF team used visually engaging materials and focused on connecting to communities through “pop-up” workshops at community events. These pop-up workshops were augmented by targeted stakeholder meetings with key community groups. Engagement included pop-up events, Community Open Houses, stakeholder workshops, and design charettes. Online engagement included online visual preference surveys in four languages, a project wikimap, and social media promotion.

Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Department
Saint Paul and Maplewood, Minnesota
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