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SRF completed the Tioga Comprehensive Plan in 2012 and plan update in 2015. As a subconsultant to AE2S, SRF was responsible for compiling existing conditions information for Tioga and the ETA within Williams County. Area citizens participated in a series of exercises where strengths and concerns were defined, short- and long-term visions were shared, and future land use scenarios were considered. This information was used throughout the plan to define goals and objectives that relate to policy guidance and future land use scenarios.

As the plan was drafted, AE2S and SRF prepared strategies and recommendations that guided the City’s future actions related to zoning ordinance updates, subdivision regulations, and other city policies. SRF also worked on a transportation plan for the City of Tioga to ensure future roadway continuity, assess future road extensions, and determine considerations for an alternative gateway to the city. AE2S completed infrastructure analysis, including feasibility of cost effective utility extensions into growth areas.

In 2015, SRF again teamed with AE2S to update the land use and transportation components of the plan in order to respond to rapid growth that had occurred since 2012. SRF was asked to amend the city zoning districts to better respond to comprehensive plan guidance and to enhance ease of use and understanding by the public.

Tioga comprehensive and transportation plan and zoning updates

City of Tioga
Tioga, North Dakota
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