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Employee Ownership

Own Your Success! At SRF, employee ownership shapes our culture. The contributions of each employee’s ideas and efforts create a culture centered around a shared vision of collaboration and teamwork.

Employee-owners hold each other accountable and motivate everyone to “Own Your Success.” The success of our stock not only recognizes the investment of our time, talents, and resources, but it is also a symbol of the commitment employees have to SRF. This shared belief to continually grow the business through best-in-class service and superior work results in increased productivity, efficiency, and profitability. As a company, we are equally invested in the outcome of every project, deliverable, and client relationship. ESOP is one of the many ways our employees find value working at SRF.

As a 100% Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) company, we ensure our tradition of being locally owned and that our employees are the heart of SRF’s success.

Individual performance, combined with the work of fellow employees, drives company performance, and in turn, closes the loop between SRF’s success and personal financial success.

“I’m thrilled for our employees; the ESOP program is an element of our culture that reflects how our employees contribute in significant ways every day. The ESOP empowers everyone to own their success.”

Dave Montebello, Former SRF Chairman of the Board