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Consistent with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the City of Cottage Grove partnered with SRF to complete their Self-Evaluation and develop an ADA Transition Plan for public rights-of-way. SRF completed the City’s evaluation of existing curb ramps, 62 miles of sidewalks and trails, and pedestrian signals at all signalized intersections. SRF also evaluated the public buildings and public park facilities within the City of Cottage Grove for compliance with the Minnesota Accessibility Code requirements pertaining to accessible parking, accessible pedestrian routes, building doorways and entrances, accessible restrooms, and other features. SRF created an Inventory Guide to be used during the evaluation and included in the Transition Plan for ongoing assessments by the City to assist in long-term implementation of the Transition Plan. Additionally, SRF led the assembly of the ADA Transition Plan for the City’s public right-of-way, public buildings, and public park facilities, which included:

  • GIS analysis of evaluation results
  • Cost estimates for ADA improvements
  • Guidance on phasing and prioritization of projects to create an Implementation Schedule
  • Local grievance procedure
  • Production of the final document for public comment
City of Cottage Grove
Cottage Grove, Minnesota
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