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Downtown Framework Plan Update

Downtown Stillwater is poised to transition from a popular summer recreation attraction to a year-round retail and entertainment destination for both City of Stillwater residents and regional visitors.  The recent completion of the Brown’s Creek State Trail into Downtown, the elimination of traffic congestion in downtown resulting from the opening of the new St. Croix River Bridge in 2018, and the concurrent conversion of the Stillwater Lift Bridge to exclusive use by pedestrians and bicycles open up new opportunities to enhance the character and walkability of Downtown Stillwater.

SRF  worked with the City to revision their Downtown to respond to the opportunities afforded by these major infrastructure projects:

  • Collected existing use data and modeling future vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian movements to determine how existing streets can be reconfigured to enhance mobility and safety of all street users (pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles).
  • Provided recommendations to improve wayfinding to parking facilities and analyzing the need for additional parking.
  • Performed market analysis to help inform the City and property owners of business types that would succeed and enhance the vibrancy of this unique setting.
  • Developed urban design approaches to strengthen the identity and historic character of the downtown district.
  • Provided recommendations for convenient and clear parking and downtown access for bicyclists.

SRF actively engaged downtown stakeholders through a variety of techniques such as walking tours, design charrettes, and meetings with focus groups, agencies, an advisory committee, and elected/appointed officials to ensure that the resulting vision is reflective of the community’s values and to build consensus and momentum for implementation of the Downtown Framework Plan.

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