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Water & Environment

SRF’s talented water resource engineers and environmental planners work with our clients to protect our precious natural resources while supporting the continued growth of our communities.

SRF provides innovative and practical water resource management solutions to complex problems and regulatory environments. We plan and design stormwater management systems that balance function, aesthetics, constructability, and maintenance. We are passionate about celebrating stormwater and implementing BMPs that fit into urban and natural landscapes. We are also practical and realistic when it comes to the many constraints of developing BMPs that are constructible, cost-effective, maintainable and provide measurable results.

Our water and environment team has worked for watershed management organizations, municipalities, counties, regional planning organizations, state agencies, institutions, and private developers on the feasibility, design, permitting, and construction of water resource management practices. We provide ourselves in being creative and practical problem solvers and are known for our proven stakeholder engagement processes that result in building consensus and developing solutions that provide multiple benefits.

Hydrologic, Hydraulic, and Water Quality Modeling and Analysis

SRF uses 1D and 2D hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software, including XP-SWMM, EPA-SWMM, HydroCAD, HEC-RAS, and Surface-water Modeling System (SMS). We develop and work within large-scale watershed-side models that incorporate thousands of acre drainage areas, site models that include a few acres, and riverine models that incorporate one bridge or culvert crossing. We also have expertise in MIDS, P8, and Win-SLAMM water quality modeling software. We review the project needs, goals, and physical features and use the modeling software that is the best fit to determine site loading, BMP treatment efficiency, or cumulative pollutant loading to a receiving water body. SRFuses the latest GIS and CAD technology to ensure we implement efficient processes to identify or validate problems and provide the right design solution to meet project goals.

Stormwater Management and Water Quality Improvements

SRF has been designing BMPs for major projects for decades, starting with NURP pond and wetland design and consistently incorporating leading-edge technology in the planning and design of innovative stormwater management BMPs. We provide the full suite of BMP design services, from identifying types of BMPs to consider in feasibility studies and alternative analysis through final design, construction, and operations and maintenance assistance. We work with our clients to ensure the design of the BMP considers the cost-effectiveness of the treatment provided, maintenance capabilities, and the ‘lessons learned’ from functionality of past BMP installations.

Green Infrastructure

SRF has extensive experience incorporating green infrastructure into a variety of project types, ranging from policy documents and master plans to constructed streetscapes, parks, conservation and reuse, and private and public developments. Our experts combine sound water resource engineering with urban design to create functional, engaging, context sensitive places that enhance the public realm.

Environmental Planning

Minimizing environmental impacts is a goal of every project but all projects face unique obstacles. That’s where we fit in. At times, environmental documentation can seem like a confusing web of red tape. We make it simple. We’ve mastered the complex coordination required by multi-agency review and are known for inclusive public involvement and skillful consensus building. Our strong relationships with agencies at the local, state, and federal level enable us to develop effective environmental documentation, resulting in positive solutions and successful projects.

Wetland Delineations

SRF has extensive experience completing wetland delineations using the USACE Delineation Manual throughout the Midwest. Our wetland specialists work with agency representatives on a regular basis to obtain wetland and water resource-related permits and approvals. We often coordinate with the Water Resources Group on permit applications that address water quality issues in addition to wetland impacts, such as those required by watershed districts and watershed management organizations.

Protected Species & Vegetation Surveys

SRF has completed Blanding’s Turtle Avoidance Plans and participated in Rusty Patched Bumblebee surveys. We also have experience working with agency representatives and other consultants to complete the coordination and surveys necessary to obtain project approvals. SRF has extensive experience completing vegetation surveys that range from determining the types and sizes of trees present on a project site to determining the presence of plants that may have cultural importance.

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