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Community Vision Plan Update

SRF worked with the City of Glendale to update the city’s Vision Plan. The plan was in effort to gather community input to set a future vision for the community.  

The planning process began with early involvement from City staff and the project’s Visioning Committee to complete a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis. The results from this effort helped to define opportunities and challenges for Glendale. 

Public engagement is crucial to develop meaningful and implementable solutions.  In an effort to make the engagement process as easy as possible, two techniques were used: on-line survey and pop-up events. Both engagement methods are designed to gain initial feedback from residents and community stakeholders regarding the opportunities and challenges they see for the future of Glendale.  The online survey asked a series of questions that can be answered from the comfort of home, without the need to attend a meeting. Nearly 350 residents completed the survey. 

The pop-up events were designed to “meet-people-where-they-are,” rather than inviting them to a stand-alone event. The first event was held at Bayshore Town Center during the annual Christmas Tree Lighting event and a follow up count ensued at Nicollet High school to engage the respective demographic. A table was set up with various activities for residents of all ages to provide their input for Glendale’s future.  

Following the public engagement efforts, the SRF team worked with City staff and the Visioning Committee to develop a vision document that will be used to guide future decision making.

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