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Bamber Ridge Ravine Stabilization

The Bamber Ridge and Willow Hill subdivisions are on the south side of Rochester overlooking significant ravines. Constructed in the 1980s, these developments included drainage systems utilizing the ravines for rate control and minor water quality benefits. The ponds and adjoining ravines needed maintenance and stabilization, many cutting through the alluvial soils to the shallow bedrock below.

SRF staff developed hydrologic models to verify flows and velocities and identified alternatives to stabilizing the ravines and improving the water quality benefits of the existing ponds.  Alternatives were evaluated and probable costs developed in a Concept Design Report to assist City staff in deciding on a course of action.  Final construction plans and specifications were developed for the Bamber Ridge Pond system that incorporated both piped and stabilized natural channels, along with updated pond control structures. The design and construction plans minimized impacts to old growth trees and will require a minimal maintenance system for decades to come.

Since project construction, the site has experienced a number of large storm events without incident.


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