Washington and Scott Counties Traffic Model Development

Washington and Scott Counties, Minnesota

SRF built county traffic model development applications for Washington and Scott Counties to provide details for Socio economic data like household, retail employment, and non-retail employment. The models were built using web templates in the ArcGIS online web application builder environment to allow the client to review a variety of detailed information in one place and to help forecasters get dynamic and accurate information from the client which may have been lost in other forms of communication such as static maps or emails. The online web application gives the client, forecasters, and planners the ability to collaborate using live data. It reduces redundancies and human error, and increases response time.

Application features:

  • Dynamic data updates – Share live updates with clients
  • Mobile responsive/Cross platform – Allows you to work from laptop, tablet, smart phones, and other mobile devices.
  • Custom Layer visibilities – Allows you to turn layers on and off for better visibility
  • Web editor interface – Allows zooming in and out to view street level details
  • Print option –  Allows user to print the current extent of the map.