Wadena, Minnesota Transportation Plan

Wadena, Minnesota

SRF was retained by MnDOT and the City of Wadena to develop the City’s Transportation Plan. This effort was completed in conjunction with the City’s Comprehensive Plan, a collaborative approach that established a consistent set of the long-term goals and objectives for the City’s land use and transportation system.

The study incorporated an extensive data collection effort to gain a greater understand of the existing transportation issues, while incorporating a broad public involvement process with focus groups, open houses and monthly meetings with a Steering Committee to incorporate input from local residents and stakeholders.

Key elements of the plan included:

  • Existing conditions evaluation
  • Origin and destination study
  • Goals and objectives
  • Future traffic operations analysis
  • Future system analysis/needs
  • Trunk highway corridor visions

Throughout the development of the Transportation Plan, SRF work closely with the Steering Committee to identify and evaluate future system needs. Through this process six subareas were identified for further analysis and included: TH 10 Four-Lane, TH 29/Colfax Ave Extension, Quiet Zone Assessment, TH 10/Railroad Grade Separation, Education Campus Multi-Modal Review and TH 29 Reroute/Truck Route. The product of the subarea studies was a set of corridor visions for Trunk Highways 10, 29 and 71 and a future system plan that presented a future functional classification system and roadway jurisdiction recommendations.

The final component of the transportation plan was developing an implementation program, which provided a project prioritization schedule and funding guidance. These recommendations provided MnDOT and local stakeholders with information to address future transportation challenges and to take advantage of funding opportunities as they arise.

SRF’s transportation planning experts have:

  • An understanding of statewide policies in a local context
  • An understanding of how travel demand, changing demographics and development pressures create future transportation needs
  • Experience in crafting effective public involvement strategies positions

CLIENT: City of Wadena