Village of Lake Delton: USH 12 Reconstruction

Sauk County, Wisconsin

When WisDOT needed turn-around of their project under tight timelines, they looked to SRF to complete the appraisals, acquisitions, relocation, and to work with the commercial owners where encroachments were identified to clear the real estate for the reconstruction of the entryway to the Village of Lake Delton. Along with the partial acquisitions from 25 commercial properties, the project required working closely with a commercial owner whose building was purchased. The owner decided to rebuild on the remnant parcel in order to maintain a distinguished location in the “Waterpark Capital of the World.”

The SRF team worked very closely with the SW Region to establish clearing of all right of way on the project to allow for a Certification #1 to be issued. This project had the additional complication of needing to work closely with the relocated business to allow for reconstruction on the remnant property prior to construction of the road improvements.

This project showcases SRF’s expertise in completing a Project Data Book, nominal reports, appraisals, acquisition, relocation services, on- and off-premise signs, and encroachments along the project. In addition, SRF issued the requisite revocable permits for encroachments that were allowed to remain along the right of way and vacation notices for those encroachments that needed to be removed.

“I would like to tell you that everything concerning this project, from the engineering, to appraisals, to final construction was a cinch. Please pass on to DOT how proud we are of their work as well as all of the consultants. A job well done!!!”

– Tom Diehl, President of Tommy Bartlett, Inc.