US Highway 2 and 18th Street West Underpass

Williston, North Dakota

As part of a US Highway 2/85 Corridor Study for the City of Williston, Williams County, and NDDOT, SRF prepared an analysis of existing and future traffic conditions between 2nd Street West and 26th Street West. Based on our observations, future traffic projections, and a significant amount of input from the public, it became clear that a grade separation of a city street and US Highway 2/85 was needed. In addition to vehicular crossings of the highway, residents were particularly concerned about the provision of a safe grade-separated pedestrian and bicycle crossing of the highway.

Topography around Sand Creek and the development pattern of the area west of the highway significantly limits options where a grade separated street can serve as a good connection to the rest of the City’s street network. After considering grade separation concepts at 26th Street, Box Elder Street, 9th Street, 11th Street and 18th Street, SRF planners and engineers arrived at the concept of extending 18th Street West straight west to connect with Bison Drive. City and County officials reviewed other optional grade separation locations and agreed that the 18th Street West/Bison Drive connection was a good candidate for a US Highway 2 grade separation.

SRF recommended an underpass of 18th Street West/Bison Drive at US Highway 2, since the highway is frequently used for oversized loads, and public input was strongly in favor of not limiting the functionality of the highway. Nearby residents strongly supported the concept of removing the at-grade intersection of 18th Street West. We prepared complete final PS&E for the project, including the US 2 bridge. Construction of the fast-moving project was complete in 2015.

City of Williston
Williams County

2016 ACEC ND Engineering Excellence Award – Transportation