Upper Villa Park Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse

Roseville, Minnesota

*2018 Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts (MAWD) Project of the Year Award

Lake McCarrons is an 81-acre lake located in the southeast corner of Roseville. A popular 15-acre county park situated along the eastern side of the lake is located adjacent to the Villa Park Wetland system, which is a significant subwatershed for the lake.

The Capitol Regions Watershed District (CRWD) obtained a grant to study and construct water quality BMPs to reduce the phosphorus loading on the Villa Park system that drains to Lake McCarrons. SRF was retained by the District to study the contributing watershed and recommend locations and treatment measures to reduce the loading by a minimum of 45 pounds of phosphorus a year – a 28 percent reduction in the upstream loading. SRF staff worked with the CRWD and the City of Roseville to study the available data and recommend several potential solutions in a feasibility study. Of the several solutions identified, the preferred alternative was to place a large underground infiltration system within the B-Dale softball field area in Upper Villa Park. To supplement the underground infiltration system, the CRWD obtained additional funding to design and construct an underground concrete stormwater retention tank that is used to pump stormwater for ball field irrigation. This water harvesting and reuse system also included a predictive, adaptive management system which proactively draws down the water level in the underground tank based on electronic weather prediction data from the National Weather Service. Overall, it is predicted that up to 53 pounds of total phosphorus per year will be removed through this integrated system.

Final construction documents were prepared including an underground concrete tank with an irrigation system; a infiltration chamber for excess water; a predictive management system to capture more runoff from the system and facilitate tank health; and a monitoring system installed in cooperation with the MPCA to monitor the quality of water from the infiltration system.


Capitol Regions Watershed District