UPA Transit Technology Projects Council Authorized Representative (CAR)

Twin Cities Metro Area, Minnesota

SRF was selected to serve as the Council’s Authorized Representative (CAR) for three UPA Transit Technology projects including Real-Time Signs (RTS), Transit Customer Information System (TCIS), and Transit Signal Priority (TSP).  These projects served to provide bus information to transit users, encourage commuters to utilize transit, and to increase bus service reliability.  The RTS project deployed 59 signs at various park and rides throughout the Metro area as well as Downtown Minneapolis and Mall of America providing transit users with real-time bus departure information.  As part of the TCIS project, signs were installed around four park and rides along the I-35W corridor to encourage motorists to utilize transit by indicating parking space availability at park and rides as well as comparing bus versus car travel times to Downtown Minneapolis.  The TSP project installed equipment on 757 Metro Transit buses and at 29 signalized intersections to provide buses with signal priority along Central Avenue and near the Twin Lakes Park and Ride in Roseville, Minnesota.

SRF oversaw the contracts between Metro Transit and the contractors to ensure the projects were successfully completed and met contract requirements. SRF maintained project files, coordinated and documented project meetings, and supervised all construction activities. Furthermore, SRF assisted Metro Transit in responding to Requests for Information, reviewing and approving submittals and shop drawings, ensuring adherence to Disadvantaged Business Enterprise requirements, and processing contractor pay requests. Throughout the process of executing project amendments, SRF created independent cost estimates to determine the fair and reasonableness of cost proposals submitted by the contractor.