University of Minnesota – Duluth Parking and Transportation Study

Duluth, Minnesota

SRF Consulting Group completed a district-wide parking study for the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD). The study explored innovative solutions for addressing campus development challenges and existing parking needs, given current and projected growth.

The study reviewed and analyzed UMD’s parking needs by conducting utilization counts (during a one week period) and developed a customized parking generation model. The model helped confirm existing and future parking needs, while taking into account the truly multimodal nature of the campus (modal split). This approach shaped Travel Demand Management (TDM) strategies that promote alternative modes of transportation to and from campus, as well as to provide insight into necessary campus circulation opportunities.

Overall, UMD must strategically implement additional campus parking over the next ten years to accommodate their growth aspirations. A careful lens was required to find parking solutions that focused on low-cost/high-benefit options before UMD invests significant resources. Importantly, parking solutions were designed to minimize impacts to the campus footprint by respecting the open space and aesthetics. These objectives were met by using an evaluation process to score and rank potential “search areas” available to accommodate additional parking strategies that minimize parking needs/peaks.

Study deliverables included:

  • Existing and future utilization survey data
  • Campus circulation opportunities/recommendations
  • Recommended sites for additional surface parking and/or parking structure
  • Schematic design concepts
  • Cost estimates
  • Travel demand management strategies

City of Duluth