TH 62/CSAH 61 (Shady Oak Road) Preliminary & Final Design – Phase I

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

The City of Eden Prairie selected SRF to provide preliminary and final design, wetland delineation, permitting, and right of way acquisitions services for Phase I of the CSAH 61 (Shady Oak Road) Improvement project.  The timeline for this project was accelerated by United Health Group’s (UHG) development in the southeast quadrant of TH 62 and CSAH 61.  To accommodate the additional travel trips generated by UHG employees, the upgrades focused on the TH 62/CSAH 61 interchange, with CSAH 61 being converted to a four-lane divided roadway, with right and left turn lanes provided at the intersections.  Off-road trails were added to both sides of CSAH 61 to improve pedestrian and bicycle traffic connectivity. The project also included  reconstruction of four traffic signals as well as signal timing adjustments to optimize increased traffic flows, and a roundabout on City West Parkway at the intersection of the new UHG entrance.

In addition, SRF has completed the preliminary design for Phase II and will move into final design, which will continue the improvements south to the interchange at TH 212. Phase II construction will begin in 2014.

CLIENT: City of Eden Prairie