Surrey, North Dakota Comprehensive Plan

Surrey, North Dakota

On the verge of a significant transformation into a much larger city, Surrey’s Comprehensive Plan was an important step in helping to identify the City’s long-term needs and providing the strategies necessary to achieve those needs.

SRF provided a significant transportation element within the plan, which includes detailed short-term recommendations that accommodate safety concerns and also prepare for and take advantage of significant growth. Long-term recommendations were also provided to ensure that the community would be well-connected to the regional transportation system and support projected traffic levels in 30 years’ time.

The land use plan was carefully coordinated with input from City officials and the public to transition the City from a bedroom community of Minot into a self-sustaining city. SRF responded to imaginative input from the City, looking to transform city’s quiet main street, Pleasant Avenue, into a lively city center.

SRF was a subconsultant to AE2S on this project.

CLIENT: City of Surrey