Goodhue County Southeast Collector (CSAH 24) South

Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Goodhue County, working in partnership with the City of Cannon Falls and Cannon Falls Township, initiated the CSAH 24 Southeast Collector Corridor Study in 2009. The existing CSAH 24 route traveled through downtown Cannon Falls and served as the primary north-south collector on the west side of TH 52. Based on city land use information, it is expected that the downtown intersection of CSAH 24/TH 20/TH 19 will become a bottleneck for traffic, increase safety concerns for pedestrian traffic, limit on-street parking opportunities, and degrade the historic downtown area. Therefore, the purpose of the Southeast Collector was to support planned land uses and forecasted travel demand.

SRF conducted a comprehensive alternative screening and evaluation process to ensure that a reasonable range of alternatives was considered. Eleven concept alternatives were initially identified and carried into a three-phase screening/evaluation process. Social, environmental, economic, and transportation impacts were considered during the final screening to identify a recommended alternative.  Subsequently, we completed environmental documentation and an Official Map.

In 2011,  MnDOT’s CSAH 24/TH 52 interchange received SAM grant funding, with construction slated for 2013. Additionally, the Mayo Clinic announced plans to build a new hospital with access only on the Southeast Collector, which would open in 2014. The County decided to divide the project into northern and southern segments.

For the southern segment from TH 52 to CSAH 25, SRF finalized the alignment, redesigned the two-lane roadway to a slower speed to reduce excavation quantities, resolved soils issues, and delivered final PS&E in 18 months. In 2014, construction of this 1.3 mile segment was completed using a combination of local funds and County State Aid funds.

CLIENT: Goodhue County

AWARD: 2015 Minnesota County Engineers Association Project of the Year Award