Safety Certification Process Development

Statewide, Wisconsin

SRF assisted WisDOT in the research, authoring, and state-wide training for the new FDM 11-38 Safety Certification Process under an expedited schedule. We researched Highway Safety Manual implementation in WisDOT’s project development process and then developed FDM process flowcharts, guidelines, and illustrations to guide users on how to correctly apply the policy using the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM).

The goal of the FDM Safety Policy was to determine the cost effectiveness of safety-driven geometric improvements within WisDOT projects. After authoring the FDM policy, SRF developed 13 detailed examples of the process using real-world MetaManager data and IHSDM models. These examples provided statewide users with guidance on the correct application of the process by using likely scenarios of typical WisDOT highway rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.

In addition, SRF created training materials for two-day presentations that were delivered to WisDOT and FHWA staff around the state. The materials involved both lecture- and participation-style exercises and hands-on education of the complex modeling procedures of the IHSDM. We led two, two-day training sessions and trained more than 100 WisDOT and FHWA staff on the new policy. SRF followed up the training by creating a voice-over presentation for WisDOT use in training new staff in the coming years.