Road Safety Audits

Minnesota, Minnesota

As a leader in transportation planning and engineering, SRF has a long history of working to improve safety and mobility on our roadway systems. Our safety team provides a broad range of safety-related services, including working with clients across the Midwest on road safety audits.

Road Safety Audits (RSAs) are a critical strategy for reducing traffic-related death and injury. By examining the performance, design and operation of roadways and intersections, low-cost safety improvements or mitigation strategies can be identified.

SRF has performed RSAs for 23 counties in Minnesota. We developed a customized report identifying potential issues and suggested improvements for the identified audit locations.  As part of SRF’s work, the following key tasks were completed for each audit:

  •  Analyzed county crash data and developed a GIS-based map and a list of possible RSA locations.
  • Audited the safety of the selected locations.
  • Developed findings and suggestions for low-cost safety improvements.
  •  Prepared a report outlining the RSA process and suggested solutions.
  •  Provided assistance to county staff in developing a formal response to the RSA suggestions.
  • Organized a community meeting to present the county crash profile, RSA findings, and information about the State’s Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan and Toward Zero Deaths initiatives.

Why perform an RSA?

  • Help reduce incidence of death and injury.
  • Promote awareness of safe design practices.
  • Integrate multi-modal concerns of bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.
  • Consider human factors, such as age and driving experience, in design.
  • Strengthen immunity to liability by demonstrating management of liabilities and risks.