Rethinking I-94 Study

Twin Cities, Minnesota

SRF performed travel pattern analysis for the Rethinking I-94 Study with the application of a large INRIX origin-destination dataset, including six million individual trip records and half billion waypoints. The INRIX trip data provided individual trip records with a list of X/Y coordinates. SRF developed the methodologies to filter the valid records, identify trip origins and destinations, and match individual trips to the MnDOT road network.

With the large trip origin and destination dataset, SRF conducted multiple evaluations along I-94 and adjacent neighborhoods to better understand the travel patterns along the corridor. Examples include Select Link Analysis which analyzed travel pattern for users on one specific road segment, Neighborhood Usage Analysis, Route Choice Analysis, and Trip Length Analysis.  The deliverables included travel pattern maps for each critical location, I-94 ramp-to-ramp (O-D) matrix, summary of observations, and a description of methodology.

Client: MnDOT