Wisconsin Northeast Regional Travel Demand Model

Northeast Region, Wisconsin, Wisconsin

The WisDOT Northeast Region selected SRF to develop the Northeast Wisconsin Regional Travel Demand Model.  The purpose of the project was to expand the existing regional model to incorporate Door, Kewaunee, Manitowoc, Sheboygan Counties and the eastern portion of Calumet County for the purposes of having a model spanning the entire area of the District’s jurisdiction.

In order for the model to be expanded, extensive data collection and public involvement was necessary in the development of the socio-economic data, as this portion of the state had not yet developed traffic analysis zones (TAZs) or a highway network.

The expanded Northeast Regional Travel Demand Model included a peak hour component and was updated to include all of the committed highway projects within the Northeast Region’s jurisdiction.  In addition to the new Northeast Regional Travel Demand Model, an air quality component was added to the model as a part of Wisconsin’s Air Quality Conformity Analysis.

Upon expansion of the model’s coverage, the model was appended to the existing Northeast Travel Demand Model and re-validated for the base year and future year to WisDOT’s accepted performance standards.

CLIENT: WisDOT Northeast Region