North Dakota Highway 19 Grade Raise

Devils Lake, North Dakota

SRF completed the Project Concept Report (PCR) and final design for three grade raise projects on 7.3 miles of State Highway 19 (ND 19) west of Devils Lake. Devils Lake is a closed basin contained within the overall Red River of the North Basin. Beginning in the early 1990s, the lake level started to rise and continues to rise today. The National Weather Service predicts that Devils Lake’s water levels will continue to rise until it reaches its natural outlet elevation of 1,459 feet. The project consisted of raising portions of ND 19 that could be flooded by Devils Lake if it reaches its natural outlet elevation. This project was an interim solution to raise the subgrade of the roadway above the rising waters to an elevation of 1,460 feet. It also provided safe clear zone distances and slopes between the edge of the roadway and the future water surface. The interim project allows for a final grade raise if the lake level reaches the outlet elevation.

The preliminary engineering (Phase I) consisted of SRF and our subconsultants completing field reviews, solicitation of views, geotechnical investigation, ground survey, hydraulic analysis, borrow site determination, wetland delineation, wetland impacts, right-of-way impacts, and permits and preparation of the PCR.

The final design (Phase II) consisted of SRF and our subconsultants completing the right-of-way plats, appraisals, right-of-way acquisitions, borrow area negotiations, borrow area geotechnical analysis, utility impacts and coordination, preparation of the final plans, and contract documents.

The project required over 1,500,000 CY of borrow to raise the road and over 300,000 tons of riprap to protect the slopes from erosion.

SRF worked with a Technical Review Committee on the PCR and Plan Review during the design process. The committee included representatives from the NDDOT Design Division, NDDOT Devils Lake District, FHWA, and SRF.

SRF also provided construction engineering services for the NDDOT Devils Lake District on the ND 19 Grade Raise projects. Construction started in September 2010 and was completed in 2012

CLIENT: The NDDOT Devils Lake District on the ND 19 Grade
Raise projects