MnDOT TH 610 Preliminary Design

Maple Grove, Minnesota

SRF worked with MnDOT on the final segment of TH 610 that connects to I-94 in the northwestern Twin Cities. The main purpose of the project is to complete the system linkage between two regional transportation corridors (I-94 and TH 610) while meeting the needs for local and regional growth.

Multiple agencies participated in the project development process, including MnDOT, FHWA, Hennepin County, and the City of Maple Grove. Together, these stakeholders directed SRF to develop a design that provides the critical regional movements and results in excellent local connectivity and circulation. Our design approach considered:

  • Accommodating major traffic movements.
  • Minimizing weave issues on mainline segments.
  • Optimizing costs and providing for staging of work.
  • Optimizing the right of way footprint.
  • Ensuring safety and mitigating mainline operations issues.
  • Providing flexibility for future facility expansion and additional movements.

The project involved significant coordination across disciplines and outreach to stakeholders and communities. Successful completion of the project featured:

Preliminary Design

  • Concept and preliminary designs developed to minimize anticipated impacts and construction costs.
  • Completion of a MnDOT Level-1 Layout illustrating the preferred design concept.
  • Drainage and storm sewer designed to facilitate phased construction of the project.
  • 30% Construction Plan developed to facilitate agency procurement of right of way.

Travel Demand Forecasting

  • Developed traffic forecasts to help determine the access configuration of the systems interchange at I-94.
  • Identified traffic pattern shifts and day of opening demands.
  • Evaluated impacts to other parallel and intersecting corridors.
  • Prepared traffic forecasts for various access options along I-94.

Traffic Operations Analysis

  • Operations analysis assisted in the design of TH 610 and determine the access configuration of the systems interchange at I-94.
  • Extensively evaluated the existing interchange at I-94 and Maple Grove Parkway to determine the impacts of the new connections.
  • Performed freeway evaluation for various access options along I-94.

Environmental Documentation

  • Completed a reevaluation of the Environmental Impact Statement for completion of TH 610 between
    CSAH 81 and I-94.
  • State Environmental Assessment Worksheet for the county road extension between I-94 and CSAH 30.

Public Involvement

  • Held an open house in the City of Maple Grove to present the layout and traffic findings to public officials and members of the community

Water Resources Design

  • Water resources design for the TH 610 expansion included urban and rural drainage for TH 610 and ancillary roadways, along with a new bridge crossing of Rush Creek.  Roadway drainage and best management practices (BMP) design were influence by flat terrain, high water tables, right-of-way, and consideration of future system expansions.  Due to the expansive project footprint and flat topography XP-SWMM was employed to analyze the design flows and effectiveness of the BMPs.  The Rush Creek crossing impacts the existing floodplain and floodway, for which SRF successfully modeled using HEC-RAS and acquired a conditional letter of map revisions (CLOMR) from FEMA.