Minot Air Force Base Joint Land Use Study

Minot, North Dakota

This large regional planning project extended over eight counties in north central North Dakota, the 8,500-square mile area covered by the Minot Air Force base missile complex. The project identified incompatibilities between military installations (primarily missile sites) and civilian activities. Solutions were then developed to address the incompatibilities. Project funding was provided by the Office of Economic Adjustment of the Department of Defense. The Souris Basin Planning Council was the project administrator for this 18-month project which was completed in September of 2015.

The rapid growth and development associated with the expansion of the oil industry resulted in a huge influx of workers, a frenzy of construction projects, increased traffic, and industrial activity throughout the region. The primary purpose of the project was to protect public safety and assure military readiness by preventing encroachments on military facilities. Other issues included traffic problems for military convoys and vertical obstructions for military aircraft.

Together with local stakeholders, the SRF team worked to evaluate several categories of issues; 89 strategies were prepared to address each of the issues.  The implementation of practical and cost effective zoning tools were recommended to prevent encroachments.

Implementation of the recommendations will result in a well-balanced relationship between private sector development and military installations while assuring the long-term sustainability of Minot Air Force Base.