Minot 55th Street Grade Separation

Minot, North Dakota

The 55th Street Grade Separation project is part of a larger project that connects US Highway 2 to US Highway 83, creating an important transportation link on Minot’s eastern edge. The 55th Street Grade Separation consists of a 1,155-foot-long bridge over the BNSF Railroad mainline, a spur track from BNSF’s Gavin Yard, and three future tracks for the North Dakota intermodal facility. SRF coordinated closely with BNSF during the design phase to ensure all current and future needs were satisfied. Based on the projected growth in traffic volumes, particularly with truck traffic and agricultural and industrial development, this project was needed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of these transportation facilities.

SRF served as a subconsultant on the bridge design portion of the project and was also involved in the construction oversight, assisting with surveying, inspection, and technical assistance as required.

CLIENT: City of Minot