Minnesota Statewide County Road Safety Plans


SRF was part of the consultant team that developed the statewide County Roadway Safety Plans for every county in Minnesota. Data has shown that more than 50 percent of the state’s serious crashes and fatalities occur on county roads. In a first of it’s kind effort, MnDOT led the way in developing road safety plans for all 87 counties to reduce the fatal and severe injury crashes on Minnesota roadways. SRF completed the following GIS tasks:

  • For the 16 counties in Phase 2, SRF developed a completely new method for capturing county road segments, intersections, and curves to reduce costs from Phase 1.
  • Created approximately 4,700 county road segments with attributes such as speed limit, surface type, and area type (rural, urban, etc.).
  • Created approximately 4,200 county road multipoint intersections that represented all geometric intersections for both divided and undivided roadways.
  • Rebuilt and created 4,200 curves with coordinate geometry (COGO) and attributes such as surface type, area type, and speed limit.
  • Built unique identification codes for all features that include codes for the county, route system, route signs, and data type.

SRF delivered an ArcGIS geodatabase that will be used for further safety analysis.