Metro Transit ADA Park and Ride Assessment

Twin Cities, Minnesota

In 2016, Metro Transit Engineering and Facility Planning partnered with SRF to conduct an accessibility assessment of 37 Metro Transit park-and-ride facilities throughout the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area. The project was divided into three key tasks:

  • Field Review. A field review was completed for each identified park-and-ride facility. The review assessed whether or not existing accessible features, including ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant parking spaces and the pedestrian route from ADA compliant parking spaces to bus stops and shelters serving the facility, are compliant with FTA and state regulations.
  • Recommendations. After evaluating each park-and-ride facility, a list of recommendations was developed for each site. Scoping level costs were then developed for each item and calculated per site.
  • Memorandum. A memorandum was then developed summarizing the findings and recommendations for each facility. Site photos, completed FTA checklists and aerial photos, as well as a more detailed cost estimate, were also provided with the memo.