Maple Grove Residential Development Infrastructure

Maple Grove, Minnesota

Along the Bass Lake Road corridor, 17 connected residential subdivisions were constructed over a period of 10 years, with several developments under construction at any given time. The City of Maple Grove retained SRF to prepare the feasibility studies, assessment rolls, and construction documents as well as provide construction observation, construction staking, and contract administration services for the streets and utilities needed for these projects.

SRF worked closely with City staff to meet project challenges. This included coordinating the construction efforts of various contractors/developers along common boundaries, completing connections to the regional sanitary sewer interceptor, conducting storm water runoff analysis and treatment design, and networking the city water supply system through the area to provide adequate potable water and fire protection for the properties. Street and utility improvements were designed and constructed without adverse impacts to the area’s traffic or residents and have a combined construction value of more than $20 million.

CLIENT: City of Maple Grove