Lowry Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi River – Anti-Icing System

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Hennepin County CSAH 153 (Lowry Avenue) Bridge is an important transportation corridor and neighborhood connection across the Mississippi River in north Minneapolis. SRF and TY Lin International (TYLI) were retained by Hennepin County to develop designs for a replacement structure. The SRF/TYLI team provided complete, start-to-finish services for this important river crossing replacement.

SRF designed an anti-icing system for the Lowry Avenue bridge. The anti-icing system incorporates an innovative spray technology that minimizes the number of penetrations needed through the bridge deck. Instead of the chemical distribution being done underneath the deck, the spray disks are mounted on the raised median portion of the bridge. Fixed sprayers in the median distribute potassium acetate onto the bridge.

The design of the anti-icing system and drainage system for the Lowry Avenue Bridge is innovative because all stormwater runoff on the bridge flows back down the bridge and into an underground sand filter on the east bank of the river and a stormwater retention pond on the west bank. This drainage concept and the use of more environmentally-friendly chemicals, such as potassium acetate, limit the environmental impact the bridge runoff will have on the Mississippi River and nearby wildlife and vegetation.

Client: Hennepin County