Lake Street Reconstruction & Streetscaping

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis collaborated on the reconstruction of the historic Lake Street corridor. The project extends from Dupont Avenue on the west to the Mississippi River, knitting together 13 Minneapolis neighborhoods and a vibrant, culturally diverse commercial strip. Lake Street is vital to local neighborhoods, is a regional transportation corridor, and is one of the metropolitan area’s busiest transit corridors.

SRF contributed multidisciplinary skills to the visioning and design of Lake Street to this $30 million effort. Throughout the planning and design phase, SRF met with a Technical Advisory Committee on a weekly basis. This committee included Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis and Metro Transit staff.

SRF explored innovative design alternatives for roadway, transit and pedestrian zones that will provide increased safety, encourage transit use, provide room for sidewalk cafes and commercial uses, and maximize the success of street tree plantings. We also explored the use of rain gardens to treat stormwater runoff generated by adjacent surface parking lots.

By employing Context Sensitive Design principles, SRF designed a slightly narrower roadway while maintaining four lanes of traffic and parking on both sides of the street. This resulted in wider sidewalks, with additional widening at intersections through the creation of bump-outs to shorten pedestrian crossing distances.

SRF employed our knowledge of design and construction standards to allow City and County governments to leverage their local investment with State and Federal Aid. The 60-block corridor was constructed in three distinct segments to facilitate renovation during the five-year construction period. Staged construction provided better access to businesses by vehicle, transit and walking.

CLIENT: Hennepin County