KDOT ITS Support & Troubleshooting

Wichita, Kansas

SRF provides direct operational support for all the ITS devices and supporting networks in the Wichita area. Support activities ranged from remote configuration and diagnosis of device issues to on-site troubleshooting and vendor support.

All aspects of ITS deployments are addressed as part of the support role, including:

  • Power and grounding of field devices
  • Configurations for digital video and message sign installations
  • Integration with Advanced Traffic Management Software packages
  • Integration and troubleshooting for video integration with operations center display (video wall) systems
  • Identification and resolution of network issues, such as addressing schemes, network conflicts and firewall rules
  • Assessment of broadband wireless feasibility, including loss and path analysis

Beyond the system support role, SRF also performed device evaluations and compatibility tests for future ITS deployments.  In addition, SRF documented a comprehensive set of ITS standards now in use throughout the State of Kansas.