I-35E Parkway

Saint Paul, Minnesota

The I-35E Parkway provides a major new “gateway” into the heart of historic Saint Paul and incorporates today’s transportation needs with a design respectful of Saint Paul’s architectural and historical heritage. The principles of “Context Sensitive Design” – balancing mobility and community goals, involving the public and affected agencies, addressing pedestrian and vehicular traffic, establishing an interdisciplinary team, applying flexibility inherent in design standards, and incorporating aesthetics as an integral part of the design – were an important part of the approach to the project.

SRF designed the final stages of the I-35E Parkway between Grand Avenue/Ramsey Street and I-94. Key issues resolved in the development of a design concept for the I-35E Parkway included local access and circulation, traffic volumes, pedestrian and bicycle circulation, noise levels, historic preservation, and aesthetic design. Design Task Force input was used for balancing environmental impacts with the need for transportation facilities in the sensitive historic corridor.

SRF also performed a tunnel alternative study for the project near the James J. Hill wall, which was on the National Register of Historic Places. The study included:

  • Horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Structure type
  • Ventilation needs assessment
  • Construction feasibility
  • Construction cost estimates
  • Evaluation of unstable geological conditions (bentonite clay seams)
  • Groundwater issues

CLIENT: City of St. Paul