METRO Green Line (Central Corridor Light Rail Transit) Before and After Study

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Working with the Metropolitan Council, SRF completed a Before and After Study (BAS) for the Central Corridor LRT  (Metro Green Line) project including traffic data collection, a detailed traffic analysis, and developing a final comparison report. The BAS was required by the FTA as part of the Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA): the FTA is required to report the results of Major Capital Investments to Congress.

The Central Corridor LRT project provides transit service along an 11-mile corridor between downtown Saint Paul and downtown Minneapolis in Minnesota. It is mainly in the median of University Avenue. It shares five stations and 1.2 miles of track with the existing Hiawatha LRT (Metro Blue Line). The other 9.8 miles of track was new construction with 18 stations. Ridership for the project is projected at nearly 40,000 weekday passengers in 2030.

SRF’s role included:

  • Completing a data collection plan that incorporated the before conditions, after conditions, and predictions from project documents.
  • Collecting traffic data at 29 key intersections, including counts, geometry, and traffic signal timing.
  • Analyzing project as-planned versus as-built.
  • Comparing and evaluating the difference between before, after, and predictions and identifying potential reason(s) for the differences.
  • Developing a final report with presentation to Metro Transit staff and for use with FTA.