Downtown Rogers Development Master Plan

Rogers, Minnesota

As the City of Rogers grew, the original downtown core was not able to grow with it due to existing physical constraints, resulting in a majority of retail activity occurring adjacent to downtown, north of I-94.  Community members valued the traditional character of the Downtown and felt it provided a community asset. Yet, they realized that redevelopment must occur to reinvigorate this area to enable the City and downtown property owners to realize the highest and best use for this land.

SRF facilitated the development of a downtown vision that helped elected and appointed officials and city staff guide future downtown land use transitions and infrastructure investments.

The SRF team researched market conditions to inform downtown stakeholders about options for transitioning downtown land uses and interviewed downtown business and property owners to better understand their future plans.  Working with City staff, key downtown stakeholders and city residents, we prepared a downtown redevelopment master plan that addressed:

  • Future land uses
  • Future infrastructure improvements, such as new or modified streets, new sidewalks, improved pedestrian accessibility, and new bicycle facilities
  • Downtown identity and branding through streetscape enhancements and wayfinding signage
  • Implementation recommendations to assist the community in bringing their vision to reality.
  • Extensive and interactive community engagement occurred throughout the process to ensure the final master plan reflected community input, values, and priorities.


City of Rogers