County Road 15 Trail Crossing – Dakota Rail Regional Trail

Mound, Minnesota

The CR 15 Dakota Rail Trail Crossing is a four-lane roadway with a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour. This unmarked trail crossing experiences a high volume of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Three Rivers Park District (TRPD) had received input from the general public and local agencies regarding issues at this location. SRF reviewed, assessed, and recommended mitigation measures to address these issues.

Because this trail crossing occurs at an intersection, it is considered a legal crosswalk, which applies the same laws as a marked crosswalk. TRPD solicited comments from the public to gain an understanding of the perceptions Dakota Rail Regional Trail users and motorists have of the CR 15 crossing. Based on this review, safety at the crossing in general was a common concern. More specifically, the majority of trail users and motorists were concerned with the lack of sight distance at this crossing. Other concerns included confusion of the right of way between trail users and motorists without the presence of a marked crosswalk, lack of a protected refuge area in the center of CR 15, and high traffic volumes and speeds.

SRF conducted a detailed evaluation of varying improvement tactics that could be applied at this crossing location with input from the project stakeholders (TRPD and City staff) along the way. SRF’s evaluation of this crossing resulted in recommendations for improvements at the crossing, preliminary cost estimates for implementation, and conceptual renderings of the improvements.

CLIENT: Three Rivers Park District