MnDOT Congestion Management Safety Plan (CMSP) Phase 4


SRF built a CMSP web application for MnDOT to identify the overlap between the solutions and the CHIP and STIP projects from the states in order to get a timeline of the projects. This application allows the planner to see if the solutions could be incorporated in the CHIP and STIP project timelines. A very simple spatial analysis of proximity analysis was performed on the layers to get this information on project areas.

The CMSP was built on the ArcGIS online platform. The application features a map of the major roadways in the metro area and allows the client to turn on and off layers to view a variety of scenarios including PAIC intersections, problem locations, and AM/PM congestion and reliability for freeway and non-freeway roadways. Clicking on any of the markers will open a window providing detailed information about the roadway or solutions provided in the studies along with a link to more information which opens CAD plans related to each solution. This application is very flexible and dynamic and can be configured to include popups with images, charts, reports, or links to other information.


  • Mobile responsive – Desktop, Tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices
  • View all information in one place
  • Analyze activities
  • Interactive data visualizations
  • Easy to share